Parents and grandparents, brothers,  sisters, etc.

   • Describe them: tall, short, thin, stout, coloring, straight or curly hair, birthmarks, etc.

• What kind of work do or did they do.

• What did their house look like and what conveniences did they have.

• What kind of foods and drinks do or did they enjoy.

• What are or were their hobbies.

• Did they belong to a church.

• How did they spend their leisure time.

   • Did they have special skills or abilities.

   • What were their best qualities.

   • What was their general health.

   • How and to what degree did they influence your life.

• Are there special memories you wish to relate.

• Were there special family traditions.

• Was anyone adopted. Were there any twins, triplets, etc.

• What were their deepest hopes.

• Are there any special stories that characterize this family member.

 • What was their parenting style.

• Where were they born and where did they grow up.

• What languages did they speak.

• Were there family pets or animals.

Read Writing Examples to see short excepts of what others have written, much the same way they would "tell" the story to another person. And this is how your posterity wants it to read. Now read about the Stages of Life for more prompts.

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