Centennial Book of Histories. July 2005

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        The Reservation Opens for Settlement         

   Valley Memories 

 The Reservation Opens for Settlement

Tabby-to-Kwanah, Man of Peace
The Opening of the Reservation
Naming of Grandaddy Basin
Woodland Ward
Our Beginnings, Ervan Clegg
Esther Wagstaff Midwife
Hanna’s Early Years, Myrtle Wilcken
Johnson Sawmill
1920 –1930, Ervan Clegg
Red Cliff Ward by Carol Turnbow Stallings
THS Band 1935-55 Glenna Johnson
Tabiona Church Remodel
Tabiona Welfare Farm
Historical Cabins, Bill Lewis
Tabiona School
Flood of 1963
Tabiona Ward History
Missionaries 1980-2005
Servicemen Acknowledgments
Shamrock Mining Associates
Defa’s Sawmill Inc
Tabby Mountain Resort
Cemetery Burns
Current List of Businesses in the Tabby/Hanna Valley

Valley Memories

Allred, Ernest and Irene

Allred, Lorin and Joy Defa

Aman, Kenneth Ray and Norma Curry

Aman, Kenneth Ray Jr.

Argyle, Wade and Kimberly Curry

Bagley, Gale and Amy Giles

Bateman, Cheyenne and Shanna Price

Baum, Myrna Ann Newman Fabrizio

Baum, Paul William and Holly Defa

Baum, Robert Phillip and DaVonna Defa

Benson, Dick and Kathy

Bleak, Kenny and Sharon Giles

Brereton, Trudy Smith

Brown, Von and Leone Ivie Clegg

Burgess, Paul and Karen Norma Rhoades

Burnham, Richard H. and Heather J. Curry

Burt, Doyle and Joyce Wagstaff

Burt, Louie and Stacy Jackman

Burt, Ernie Doyle and Crystal Creamer

Carlile, Kenneth S. and Nettie LeFever

Carlile, Lonnie K and Sue Eldredge

Carlile, J.C. and Joan Ivie

Carlile, Kenneth Valden and Karen Atkin

Casper, Charles Elden and Elsie Wagstaff

Casper, Norman and Loretta Mary Jones

Casper, Clarence and Ila Duchesne Giles

Casper, Connie Casper Montgomery

Casper, Darreld and DeEtta Jones

Casper, Darreld Blaine

Casper, Darwin Elden

Casper, Leon Ferris and Ginger Ann Roberts

Casper, Leslie Lynn and Betty Ann Palmer

Casper, Marion

Casper, Tony and Sabrina Hummel

Chatwin, Gilbert Nephi and Norma Turnbow

Chatwin, Chancey Charles and Maria Giles

Chatwin, Clifton David and Shirley Fae Monks

Chatwin, Nephi and Sarah Calista Clegg

Chatwin, DeLoy and Patricia Menardi

Cheney, LuPriel Ivie

Clark, Darlene Gines

Clark, Frank Leslie and Hazel Elzina Rhoades

Clark, Annie Searle

Clark, Arthur King

Clegg, Ervan

Clegg, Ethel May Ivie

Clegg, Edwin

Clegg, Ervan Leland

Clegg, Herbert Lorenzo and Sarah Calista Smith

Clegg, Lois

Clegg, Travis Gene and Mindy Redford

Collett, Orin and Essie Reynolds

Coon, Jeffrey and Jamie Rhoades

Cope, Thomas Robert and Fanny Gale

Crocker, Fern Clegg

Crook, Clint Ellis and Rhonda Giles

Crum, Justin and Tasha Gines

Curry, Oran Earl and Vida Paramore

Curry, Teri Lee Wagstaff

Curry, Bruce Joe

Curry, David H. and Elaine Jones

Curry, Oran Joe and Vivian Larae Chatwin

Curry, Oran Jason and Angela Betty Brierly

Curtis, Terry and Bobbie Joe Davis

Davis, Barbara Hackett

Defa, Alfonzo and Viola Defa

Defa, Luke and Idawna Giles

Defa, Myrthan and Marvel Giles

Defa, Basil

Defa, Rosie and Charlie D. Fabrizio

Defa, Domenico and Annie Porreca

Defa, Frank (Francesco De Fabrizio) and Mary (Guvanela Porreca)

Defa, Jim and Marianne

Defa, Larry Leo and Sheila Wagstaff

Defa, Leo S. and Nettie Lazenby

Defa, Leo S. Memories of Dad

Defa, Andrew and Sarah Calista

Downs, George and Ann

Ellis, Ramon Gale

Ellis, George Owen and Annie May White

Ellis, Raymond Owen and Avagayle Sorenson

Ellis, Royal

Evans, Fred and Angeline Lewis

Evans, Sarah Lucille Gines

Fabrizio, Danny Art and Carole Jean Snodgrass

Fabrizio, Aaron Troy

Fabrizio, Arthur and Jean Gines

Fabrizio, Levere and Sue

Fabrizio, Thomas and Flora Lefler

Fabrizio, Travis and RaNae Gines

Fabrizio, Wesley Jason

Farnsworth, Kyle and Trina Thomas

Foy, Marilyn LeFevre Nielsen

Giles, Alfred and Grace Giles

Giles, Allen and Gwen Giles

Giles, Brett and Chanel Leigh Childs

Giles, Chad Jason and Candice Leone Dangerfield

Giles, Robert Delyle and Lena Geraldine Defa

Giles, DeVar

Giles, Don B. and Alfreda Ivie

Giles, Ed and Carolyn Pilling

Giles, James Dee and Janet Price

Frantz, Kori Giles

Giles, Jerry Kent and Mabel LeFever

Giles, Thomas Monroe and Martha Buys

Giles, Lee A. and Kathy Erickson

Giles, Lee and Tina Eileen Fabrizio

Giles, Ferrus and Margaret Chiarelli

Giles, Max and Carole Defa

Giles, Nola

Giles, Nolen and Alta Thomas

Giles, Jay and Sharon Giles

Giles, Shane and Brandi

Miller, Shane and Wendy

Davis, Amy and Justin

Giles, Penni Rae

Giles, Ralph Monroe and Wanda Jolene Josie

Giles, Robert and Eliza Ann Winterton

Giles, Rocky Lynn and Darcy Lee

Giles, Ronnie and Afton Wagstaff

Giles, Tom and Lurinda

Giles, Trevor Ferrus and Sara K. Green

Gines, Abram and Alice Coe

Gines, Abram Afton and Pryscilla Clegg

Gines, Alies and Lova Jones

Gines, Allen and Joanne Rhoades

Gines, Robert Bart and Annette Fabrizio

Gines, Clyde B. and Beva Rae Wheeler

Gines, Daniel L. and Marva Wagstaff

Gines, David Scotty and Jill Brotherson

Gines, Henry Bearle and Genevive Ivie

Gines, Jacob and Esther Wilgus

Gines, Levaughn and Karla Hall

Gines, Joel and Heidi Defa

Gines, Larry and ReNae Sweat

Gines, Leland and Tena Ivie

Gines, Dale and Linda Thomas

Gines, Max and Veola Sweat

Gines, Moral and Theo Mitchell

Gines, Pryscilla Clegg

Gines, Ray Cleg and Elaine Argyle

Gines, Russell and Ecco Sweat

Gines, Shirley Gay

Gines, Tommy Theo

Gines, William Gines and Sarah Elizabeth Jones

Gordon, Ila Mae Casper

Greene, Mary Lewis

Grooms, Elda Starr Casper

Hackett, Ray and Crystal

Hackford, Lewis and Cleo Jones

Hamilton, Calvin and Kerri Jo Gines

Hamilton, Thomas James and Gala Marie Gines

Hamilton, Ira and Minnie Maxwell

Hansen, Kenneth L. and Elva Loriene Kneedy

Hardman, Orvill Roy and Inez Woolley

Hardman, Lovell

Hardman, Hy and Bessie Irene Burris

Hardman, Hurym Ray and Wanda Davis

Hardman, Myrna Juvon

Hardman, Roy and Emma Hardman

Harris, Kathlene Young

Harrison, Rock and Lorraine Crystal Hackett

Hartman, Edith Afton Gines

Hickman, Lila Jean Webb

Hiseman, John T. and Grace Ann Giles

Hoffman, Sandy and Teresa Ann Giles

Hoffman, Audrey Lewis

Humes, Robert Alma and Violet Gines

Humphries, J. C. and Jane Lamay Roberts

Humphries, Joseph (J.C.)

Iorg, Arlys and Beth Giles

Ivie, William and Margaret Ellen Clegg

Jackson, Ted Nickle

Jenkins, Darin and Channa

Jensen, Erin Scott and Monika Lynn Lefler

Johnson, Bonnie Annette Gines

Johnson, Lamar J. and Reba Turnbow

Johnson, John and Lillian

Jones, Dennis and Flora Woolley

Jones, Dixie Roberts Smith

Jones, Wayne and Evelyn Harmon

Jones, Heber and Lida Lefler

Jones, James Simkins

Jones, Curtis and Jennie Chatwin

Jones, John S.

Jones, Ryan Ray and Kristy Kay Casper

Josie, Bennett and Alfhild Wilberg

Josie, Joe and Norma

Kay, Angela Ann Lefler

Kay, Dick Ross and Vida Giles

Lamb, Machelle, Tanya and Brittney

Lazenby, Jay and Laura Mae Casper

Lazenby, Shane Jay and Natalie Sue Jones

Lee, Brian Ray

Lee, Marilyn Kaye Rhoades

Lee, Andrea

Lee, Brent Herbert and Michelle Fitzwater

LeFever, Jesse Hollyoak and Nora McClellan

LeFever, Walter and Rella Beckstead

Lefler, Jack Lynn and Ellen Irene Newman

Lefler, Jarrod Ronald and Mindie Strebel

Lefler, Fay and Winona Rhoades

Lefler, Brad and Pamela Defa

Lefler, Michael Shane and Becky Giles

Lefler, Ronald R. and Dixie Lee Meacham

Lefler, William James and Kathleen Newman

Lewis, Glen and Nadine Roberts

Lewis, Elvin James

Lewis, Terry Dean

Lewis, Stuart William

Lewis, Eric Glenn

Lewis, Vernon Lynn

Lewis, Valdon Brent

Lewis, William and Pleasant Maud White

Lewis, William and Family

Lewis, Sylvan and Sharon Hamilton

Lewis, Suzanne Annette Price

Lewis, Elvin W. and Angeline Lunceford

Lewis, William Elvin

Lisonbee, Nelda June Clegg

Lunceford, Darrell Wilford and Lillian LaWanna

Maxwell, Arthur William

Howard, Lloyd and Doris Maxwell

Maxwell, John Lawrence and Jessie Louise Nye

Maxwell, Robert Warren

Maxwell, Rabbit James and Dode Bereton

McNiel, Evelyn Clegg

Michie, Kenneth G.

Michie, Monroe and Delsa

Michie, William G. and Eliza Ann Murphy

Miller, Launni Lynn

Mills, Nancy Young

Moody, Glenna Lamar Johnson

Moon, Nephi and Heber

Moon, Lamont and Gay Gillette

Moosman, Sharron Elaine Jackson

Nay, Monty Lee and Susanna Kay Strebel

Neff, Doris Eliza Casper Gines

Newman, John Wesley and Armena Wheeler

Ogden, Steve and Toni Fabrizio

Ostler, Bonnie Kay Roberts

Ottosen, Leland and Dot

Pace, Gary

Park, Bob and Renee

Penn, Donna Rhoades

Peterson, Claudia Wagstaff

Pettit, Gayle and Joyce Karen Gines

Porter, Stacey and Liz

Potter, Ron and Vera Jones

Price, Larry and Dorothy Price

Price, Shay and Sundiane Sanderson

Price, Travis Doug and Bobbi

Price, Doug and Judy Defa

Price, Ronald

Price, Shelley

Redford, Neil and Sarah

Reid, John MacFarlane and Sarah Ann Larsen

Reid, Nita Leola

Reid, Wilma

Reid, Thomas Hand and Ann MacFarlane

Rhoades, Cody James

Rhoades, Joseph Enoch and Ada Lula Wagstaff

Rhoades, Chase DeVere and Tomi Rae Thomas

Rhoades, Joseph Arvel and Deon Clegg

Rhoades, Bernell and Twila Turnbow

Rhoades, Ervan and Jan Giles

Rhoades, Shiloh Ervan and Heather Hunsaker

Rhoades, Thomas and Martha Ann Powell

Rhoades, Thomas William

Rhoades, James Bernell

Rhoades, Wade Leon

Roberts, Al and Karma Van Tassell

Roberts, John W.

Roberts, Bonnie

Roberts, Ralaina

Roberts, Judd

Roberts, Cecil Lynn

Roberts, Idawna Grace

Roberts, Jesse

Roberts, Lloyd and Tracy Defa

Short, Adam and Sandra Rhoades

Silver, Kayleen

Sizemore, Mickey and Karolee Richins

Smith, Barley C. and Julie

Smith, Ralph and Edna Hansen

Smith, Albert and Maude Thomas

Stewart, Voy and Carolyn Giles

Stewart, Scott and Celsie VanTassell

Stone, Byron Clay and Linda Marie Jones

Strebel, Charlie Jr and Misty Lee Lefler

Strebel, Charlie and Sharyn

Stringham, Gary and Sherry

Sweat, Brent and Jana Lee Jones

Sweat, Dean and Peggy Mikelle Giles

Sweat, Travis Dean and Rachelle Lee

Thomas, Craig and Rosalyn Fabrizio

Thomas, Jessup and Irene Cope

Thomas, Lamar and Carol Grant

Thomas, Marty Craig and Stephanie Rae Nielson

Thomas, Royal C. and Norma R. Eigenheer

Tillack, Edward Russ

Truscott, Karen West

Turnbow, Benjamin and Effie Eliza Jones

Turnbow, Leo M.and Florence Rhoades

Turnbow, Boyd A.

Turnbow, Doyle

Turnbow, Jerry and Vicki Gay Taylor

Turnbow, Lynn

Turnbow, Marsha and Marva

Turnbow, Venice and Stella Giles

Turnbow, Burnell M. and Jenette Davidson

Turnbow, Parley and Pearl Reid

Turnbow, Parley Daniel and Nicolene Riska

Turnbow, Reed and Julie Andrews

Turnbow, William Daniel and Louise Bing Erickson

VanTassell, Bill and Daphene Zufelt

VanTassell, Carl and Elda Marchant

VanTassell, Jessup William and Lucille Pratt

Wadley, William and LaBerta Cope

Wagner, Michael and Tess Toni Thomas

Wagstaff, Lee and Norma Jensen

Wagstaff, Alan W. and Esther Hunsaker

Wagstaff, Blanche Oberhansley

Wagstaff, Claude Lorin and Armina Shepherd

Wagstaff, C. Gayle and Enid Firth Price

Wagstaff, Vern and Ruth Green

Walker, Lynn and Yvonne Woolley

Warnick, Richard and Alaine Fowlke

Watt, Walter David and Malta Young

Webb, Leonal C . and Violet Duane Hardman

Webb, Leonal Dale and Rena Snodgrass

Mills, Len and Deanna Webb

Webb, Dean and Chaundra La Rocco

Webb, Clyde and Patsy Bradshaw

Webb, Evelyn Kay

Webb, Charles Lloyd and Marilyn Carol Coe

Webb, Elton Scott

Webb, Kirk and Carol

Webb, Lance and Jackie Evans

Webb, Vance and Janene Fabrizio

Webb, Lyle and Elaine Giles

Webb, Bobby and Anna Lewis

Webb, Cloyd and Bonnie Bradshaw

Mills, Rena Webb

White, Clarence Everett White and Sarah Yancey

White, Ethelbert and Pernitha Pearl Sepulveda

Wilcken, George and Myrtle Miche

Williams, William R. and Carlene Slater

Webb, Wilma Leone

Witt, Brian D. and Lisa Baum

Witt, Duane L and Judy K. Hansen

Woolley, Frederick E. and Sylena Chatwin

Woolsey, Jennie Faye Jones

Young, Ferrell

Young, Betty Jo Erickson

Young, Jack and Bernice Collett

Young, Bert C. (Bud) and Velda Jones

Zufelt, Frank and Daphne Bell


Chiarelli, Frank

Elvin W. Lewis & Angeline Lunceford Lewis (Additional photos)

Early Senior Sneak Photos

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